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BNI Java Jazz On The Move 2019

DIAA on BNI Java Jazz On The Move
DIAA on BNI Java Jazz On The Move

A great start in 2019 with us being part of Java Jazz 2019. BNI Java Jazz On The Move or also known as JJOTM is the pre-event of Jakarta International BNI Java Jazz Festival. Each year JJOTM is held in several different places in Jakarta.

Rizky Febian & Audrey Singgih
Rizky Febian & Audrey Singgih shades of pink

On Friday, 15 February 2019 we also performed in BNI Java Jazz On The Move 2019 at Live Space SCBD, Jakarta. It's very exciting as the event also coincides with the release of our single, "Remember" and the public got to hear the single live for the first time that night.

We performed after The Soulful and before Rizky Febian. In between the wait, Audrey took a shades of pink hair photos with Rizky Febian. Go Team Pink!

We were very happy with the turnouts during our performance especially with the acceptance of our singles: "Aku" and "Remember". We saw some of our fans in the crowd also. Kudos to those who came and support us as always. We are nothing without you all.

During "Somebody To Love" and " Can't Help Falling In Love", everyone was singing along and it was such a great euphoria on us. So much love! Videos below.

Somebody To Love

Can't Help Falling In Love

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